“An Easy Fix Without The Beauty Tricks”!


Head wraps have evolved over time from a badge of enslavement for women, to communal or tribal identity, to an expression of one’s own individuality.  Head wraps will continue to evolve, as all women express their unique and beautiful individuality today.  (A beautiful head wrap as early as 1785, photo credit unknown)

My name is Patricia Wonsey.  I am the creator and designer of the WONSII Wrap.  I created the WONSII Wrap out of necessity.  No matter how many times I watched a YouTube video on how to tie a scarf into a head wrap, I could never master it.  After many failed attempts, I decided to search for pre-tied head wraps.  Surprisingly, they were out there and available for purchase.  I ordered a pre-tied, one size-fit-all-head-sizes head wrap; but the one size did not fit my head with my large curly natural locks.  That is when I had an “aha moment”!  What if I designed a base wrap that would be large enough to fit any size head or hair amount - with attachable, unique, individually-styled pre-tied pieces?  This head wrap would be different than any other hair wraps that existed in the past and exists today.  


The WONSII Wrap is for all women who want a fashionable wrap without the fuss of trying to tie it into a creative masterpiece. You simply place the wrap on your head, tie it in the front to secure the placement of the wrap, and conveniently and simply attach the selected piece, and it’s done. Yes, an attachable/detachable hair wrap piece that attaches to a base wrap, creating the unique look of a whole wrap without having to tie or twist the scarf.  At the same time, this unique wrap doesn’t lose the look and/or feel of a wrap that is tied and knotted. I would like to officially introduce  The WONSII Head Wrap.  The innovative design will give you a convenient, easy wrap without losing the original look of head wraps.  This wrap allows for several styles, all while being pre-tied and adjustable to size.  Our company will strive to create beautiful, fabulous head wraps with attachable pieces for all occasions to compliment your individuality.  Let us see how you rock your WONSII Wrap! #wonsiiwraps