“An Easy Fix Without The Beauty Tricks”!


1. Will your wrap fit me?

Yes! Our wraps were designed to fit all sizes, a true one size fits all. The design of our wrap allows you to open and adjust according to size, and our tails are long enough to be tied around any size head.  Due to our special design you can use our head wrap for full coverage, half coverage, and even headbands and attach the style of choice, allowing you 7 or more styles in 1! 

2. Are the wraps lined with Silk or Satin?

Yes, our head wraps have a satin lining.

3. How Do I Care for My Wrap?

  • Washing: Hand Wash Only in Cold Water
  • Drying: Air/Hang Dry
  • Avoid using bleach and do not dry clean.

4. Are your attachable pieces heavy?

All of our pieces are made from lightweight fabric and range from 1 oz to 3 oz.  If you wear traditional head wraps on a regular basis, then it is no different from the weight of a traditional head wrap. 

5. How do I attach the pre-tied style?

There are elastic strips on the back our attachable pre-tied styles.  To attach them to the WONSII head wrap, you simply slide the long tails under the elastic of the pre-tied styles, slide up, tie the tails behind your head, and adjust to you liking. For detailed instructions, please take a look at our "quicktorials".

6. Do you have any smaller bows?

All of our bows have a lightweight wire in the lining.  This allows you to make the bow bigger or smaller according to your liking.  

7. Do you take custom orders?

No, although all of our wraps and attachable styles are hand sewn, it is not cost effective to make custom orders of our patented product. Many hours go into making our products and they are produced by our manufacturer in batches. 

8. I don’t see the color/print that I want. Will there be more varieties available?

Yes, there will be more colors added to our fall and winter lines. But, typically once a color or print is gone it will not return. We will only bring back very popular prints/colors for a maximum of two (2) production runs with our manufacturer.